It's My Life ...

6 January 1959
  • Radcliffe School - Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (1970 - 1975)
Hi! I am 52 (no drama about it), divorced Mum of two boys, Chris and Steve, Chris and Steve have both moved out now. Home is Milton Keynes, England. I'm not the world's most prolific poster but I do read and comment when I have something to say. I don't do drama and I don't criticise people for their views, after all, your LJ is YOUR LJ and if you can't say it there, where can you say it? I don't do organised religion, but I am spiritual and I would describe myself as a hippy at heart. I'm also a rock chick (yeah I know, 52, should be grown out of that by now) but at 51 I am also past caring what anyone thinks. I'm just here to be happy. Please join the ride on my life's journey if you wish, feel free to scream, and disembark if it gets too rough. No payment required.

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